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"30-inch Wide Nevada Muzzleloader Buck for Jason"
Photo provided by: Jason Spencer

Jason Spencer (aka Hunterturbo) shared in the forum the following..........

"Here is an update on my hunt. First, I would like to thank all of you that helped me on this hunt. The area has a ton of glassing areas. I was surprised at the lack of deer that you would find. But, with that said, the buck to doe ratio was at about 40/100. The weather was very warm for this time of year and area. Be prepared to see a lot of cow and bull elk hunters. All were very friendly and happy to help you out with what they had seen. Take plenty of gas. My camp was 51 miles from the closest paved road which was not to far from fuel. Lots of coyotes, didn't want to shoot as the elk hunt as well as mine was going good and didn't want to screw up anyone or educate any of the dogs which appear to be well educated anyway. I seen well over my share of bucks, tons of elk. Overall I am very pleased with this hunt. I was expecting to see a lot more deer that we did, but I can't complain. When the roads get wet, and they will, you had better be ready for the mud!!! BTW this was the biggest deer that we seen. I did have a beautiful back up buck named Jackpot that was a solid buck at 25" wide with deep forks and great looking around the 180 mark. I got pics and video of him.
Thanks for all that helped and just wanted to show and give you a report of my hunt.
Muzzleloader unit 081 Nevada
Nov 21- Dec 10
3x5 with brow tines and a bit over that magical 30" mark."

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