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"Dandy Wyoming Bull Elk for Tyler"
Photo provided by: Tyler Ingram

Tyler Ingram (aka shedneck) shared in the Wyoming forum here at the following.........

"Wyoming Is Amazing - I've contributed to several MM forums for several years. I've helped several MM members. I've received help from several MM members. This is a great forum and I enjoy reading all of the positive stuff that all you folks post. As a way to show my thanks and appreciation, here is a picture of my 2017 Wyoming archery bull. My Dad and I tackled this hunt and had an amazing time doing it. It's quite the drive from Nevada, but it was worth every mile. We hunted hard for a few days during open weekend and had an opportunity at two bulls. I chose to pass knowing that we had 10 days to hunt during peak rut. That turned out to be a good choice as the rut switch turned on during our second trip back. I couldn't pass this bull up, so I let the arrow fly! As always, if anyone ever needs help with unit 24 in Wyoming or any unit in Nevada, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. My belief - even though some disagree - is that not all of us are fortunate enough to spend the time and money to learn a unit well enough to have the best chance of having a great hunt and hunters, no matter our level of commitment, must stick together so that our passion is forever preserved. Now, off to New Mexico to hunt the famous Gila! Cheers!"

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