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"Brett's Big Archery Bull"
Photo provided by: Tony Goodsell

Tony Goodsell writes, "This is my nephew, Brett. I believe this is his first bull to take with bow and arrow. His father and I, along with my father-in-law, were on one side of a canyon and Brett on the other. We walked into this bull and twenty three cows and calves as they were feeding in the morning. The wind was right and our approach couldn't get much better. I watched from the western side about 100 yards away as my brother and father-in-law came down from the north. Then about 15 minutes into the stalking I saw the herd head south. I quickly positioned myself near their fleeing path, but the Christmas trees, as we call them were too thick. I could hear elk crashing and moving all around me and the bull periodically letting out a scream, definitely within range but just too thick. They must of heard me or smelled me because they ran out and across the canyon below us, heading towards my nephew on the other side. This is probably a good mile across and he had significant time to get into position when they reached his side. There isn't much cover on the southern side as it is reprog and hasn't grown that much. He quickly maneuvered up the old logging road, hugging the uphill side of the road for cover. He could see them single filing below him as he kept on moving forward. 30 yards away they start to come up over the steep embankment onto the road. One, two, three and finally in last, the bull. He loosened the arrow and found meat. The big bull continued following the herd but started to stagger and then bedded. Brett once again positioned himself to keep guard on the bull. This time he was twenty yards away. In a last effort the bull stood up to receive one more fatal shot straight up the front and down he went. I must say we were all very proud of him and very impressed with the trophy he took. He will be hard to top this guy on public land."

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