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"192-inch Archery Buck for Britton"
Photo provided by: Britton North

Britton North got after it this year in southern New Mexico looking for a nice muley, and he found one.
He wrote, "I was able to arrow this giant on the first day that I could hunt on the 7th of September this year. I sat on him for over two hours at 55 yards before he finally presented a shot. Put the first shot farther back than would have liked and when I tried putting second arrow in him the dang thing didnít even penetrate and bounced across the ribs...hence the slice in the cape. The first shot ended up doing the trick and he was dead within 40 yards. It was a wild hunt even though it only lasted half a day. The awesome thing was that my 2 year old son, Bonner, signed the fletching of my #1 arrow for good luck the night before and that's the one that did this buck in. Thanks to my buddy, John Pennick, for all the help on the hunt. With velvet, this buck unofficially grossed 192-5/8 with only 4-7/8 deductions. I'm still in awe and definitely a hunt I'll remember for the rest of my years."

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