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"Sweet 'Lope for Little Sister"
Photo provided by: Mike

Mike (aka nangmp) shared this great story in the forum.........

"I'm not one for telling the family story, but this one deserves it.

I just got home from a year long deployment to Jordan. So it was all points for me. Little sister on the other hand saw this as an opportunity for me to go get her the first antelope buck. Of course I agreed and sure enough she drew the tag in our area. I went out last week and found 11 bucks in 5 hours and sent her the pics. Yesterday we left for the area and managed to get up there around 9am. So I suggested we try and find at least one of those bucks so she could see it in person. It didn't take but 30 minutes and we found one hanging with 20 does in an area that was well known by me and dad. We decided to keep looking and 4 hours later found the same group in the same area. I knew there was a bedding area completely out of sight so we went up the mountain and cut across to it about 500 yards. As soon as we go there we realized that all 20 does and the 1 buck were bedded 200 yards below us and didn't know we were there. We decided to scope the buck. 2 hours later we were still there and the decision had been made to go after him in the morning. My sister really liked that curl, and he was tall enough to make a go at it.

This morning we made our move, got up at 3, was blinded by 4, and around 6 we still had not seen the group. I joked and said "well, we are here ready which means he's on the other side." I walked around the corner and looked down the hill a mile and as my luck would have it they were in the bottom on the side I didn't want to knock one down. I let my sister know and we decided to wait for them to come to us since they were headed our way. Again, my luck. The does bedded down 700 yards from us. I asked how far she could shoot and the answer was 300. We had some distance to cut...with no cover to do it in. My dad of course had been down this road with me before and knew what was coming, he chose to watch from a distance. As mentioned before, I'm military so a low crawl that distance was the first thing to mind and fine for me. I should have gotten this part on video because my sister was using every cuss word in the book and gave me constant death glares for 300 yards. (I had tears in my eyes from laughing) We made it to the 400 yard mark and ran into a clearing. On the other side was a 3 foot flat rock a 100 yards from us. Perfect...kinda. One of his does was looking up the hill in our direction so I knew once we broke cover she would alert the rest. We broke, she alerted and the whole herd bunched up and made there way to the buck. I said, "if they get to him you won't have a chance." She asked "range?" I said, "300 and she replied with "Perfect" followed by bang. She laid the hammer down and this hunt was over just over 2 hours into it.

A side note...this was my dads first hunt with both kids in 20 years. Could not have been better for him. A great memory all around."

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