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"Fine Muley ... Brandon's First Archery Buck"
Photo provided by: Brandon Cowan

Brandon Cowan (aka BucCrazy1) has taken his first archery buck. He posted his story in our forum..........

"First Archery Buck - After not originally getting my tag in the main draw I had lost hope for NV, even though I thought I was a shoe in with 3 points..... Then the email came in mid-July that I had received the Alternate Tag for archery.

It was crunch time and I had to get out to scout and begin shooting more with my bow. I am new to bow hunting (Slinging Arrows for 3 years) and still have a lot to learn. I set my game cams and within a week I had several bucks on my cams which I started to pattern. Opening day came and I was able to get within 80 yards (out of my range) of my #1 & #2 bucks, but couldn't close the deal. My next hunt would be Saturday and I had ranged my surroundings to get an idea of distance when 5 bucks walked down within 40 yards. As they fed closer to me I reached down to grab my range finder and put it back, "a little voice in my head said you already ranged that bush at 36 yards dummy, take the shot." So I did and missed high. I was able to get a 2nd arrow off and high again. Feeling very disappointed in myself I couldn't figure out what happened. After retrieving my arrows and no blood, I checked the distance again and it was 26 yards, not 36.... I'm learning that the High's and Low's of archery hunting are truly High and Low.....

I kept at it and after a few hunts with no successful stalks, my brother-in-law was in town this last weekend and I asked him if he wanted to join me on Sunday. After getting him outfitted with gear we were off. We were in between the bed and water on a hot trail the deer use frequently. It was about 7:30 and we spotted a 3x3 on an adjacent ridge. 8am came as we watched the buck bed and we were going to put a stalk on him. As I raised my pack over my shoulders "#2" appeared and walking towards us. At this time we were out of position and the buck was 40 yards and closing fast. I continually whispered to my BIL don't F'ing move. When the buck was about 20 yards from us my BIL put his foot down and broke a twig which scarred the buck, but he didn't run far. I quickly moved around the tall bushes to get an angle and he was now walking parallel at 25 yards. The deer was walking and I didn't lead him enough when I let it fly, "gut shot", but we had good blood coming out both ends.

We waited 45 minutes and began to track. We walked roughly 200 yards and lost the blood. I kept after the trail and walked up on him laying next to a dead tree, not moving but still alive I opted to sling another arrow as he was facing away from me. 27 yards was the 2nd shot and put it right through his spine. He took off, but couldn't go far and it ended up paralyzing the buck. We moved in and I finished him with a heart shot. I couldn't be more proud of "MY" buck and first archery buck at that".

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