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"Badlands Stick-n-String Buck for Logan"
Photo provided by: Logan Hyrkas

Logan Hyrkas (aka WestNDMuleys) shared in the forum the following...........

"Archery Buck in the Badlands - This last weekend I was able to get my second archery muley. This is absolutely addicting to say the least. I spotted him with another smaller buck in the morning. I lost them several times throughout the morning only to find them again in the maze that is the badlands. Finally bedded them down and made a huge loop around to make my move in. After getting about 250 yards away I dropped my pack and took my boots off. Naturally, at this point it started to rain but I was committed. The wind was gusting periodically in my face and I was moving slowly with each gust. The only thing that I had for cover was a couple of small junipers. I made it to about 100 yards from where the deer was bedded and there was no way I could get any closer. Slowly, I backed out and made another attempt at a juniper about 40 yards closer and a bit to my right. It all came together at that point. Super exciting!"

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