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"Velvet Covered Slug-of-a-Buck for Joshua"
Photo provided by: Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith writes, "I am owner/operator of Deep Fork Outfitting and I also guide for Southeastern Arizona Outfitters. I had clients, ( 8up withit outdoors tv ), on this deer for 3 days in terrain brutal to even walk on, let alone make a stalk. Temps were ranging from 45 in the morning to 105 by afternoon. We were just not able to get the job done due to mostly terrain and how the deer bedded. They were 37 yards once and 43 yards another time. When their hunt ended I had a couple of free days left and with no other clients booked for this area and seeing how this deer was on his down hill side, I decided to go in after him. My first morning after him I glassed him up at 06:10, and headed up a finger ridge to cut him off. At 07:35 I was able to put an awesome shot on my biggest deer to date."

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