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"Fine New Mexico Bull for AJ"
Photo provided by: AJ Jordan

New Mexico was good to AJ Jordan (aka hntbambi) this year. What a bull he took. Here's what he had to share in the forum........

"NM Elk Success - Yesterday was the first day of my 5 day elk muzzleloader season here in New Mexico. In the morning we saw and heard a lot of elk but could not get the bulls to come in. After a mid day nap, we went back out and set up in the edge of a meadow, expecting the elk to come in for the evening. We waited a few hours and the last 15 minutes before sunset a bull bugled. He bugled again and was a lot closer. I prepped for the shot and waited as some cows came in and the bull ran in hard bugling. His shoulder was behind a tree but I got to look at his rack for a bit and decided to take him. He is a good representative of the area but not huge. As soon as he cleared the tree the RemPac barked as 105 gr of BH209 by weight pushed a 327 gr Match Hunter into his chest taking out both lungs. He ran about 20 yards and piled up. It was almost a mile and a quarter recovery after we quartered him. My buddy and I managed to get it done in 2 trips with the help of a game cart. We got back to the cabin about 2:00 am exhausted."

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