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"Two Fantastic Archery Bucks"
Photo provided by: Matt Shaw

Matt Shaw writes, "I thought our last mule deer season would be hard to top with my wife and best friend shooting 190 bucks on opening day of rifle season, but we are off to a great start.

I spotted this deer bedded down a couple of weeks ago and decided that this was the deer I would hunt for the rest of my season. This morning however we sent my hunting partners nephew in on what we though was a smaller buck as he had never killed a muley buck and would be happy with anything. Trent was able to stalk to within 12 yards and put a good shot into the deer. He came back to the truck and excitedly told us that he had pounded a good 3 point bigger than the one he had stalked earlier in the morning. After locating the buck and looking at him for about 3 seconds I told him that he had shot the big non-typical I was after. He didn't believe me until he walked up to the big buck and lifted his antlers out of the buck brush.
The deer grosses 196 6/8 non-typical."

Matt was also able to take himself a dandy buck later on in the hunt (bottom photo). It scores around 180.

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