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"Justin's First Antelope With A Bow"
Photo provided by: Justin Ash

Justin writes, "Last year my brother and I purchased our first bows here in New Mexico. This was our first antelope hunt and I have to say these animals are extremely hard to stalk. I have always been very lucky when it comes to harvesting animals each year and this hunt had to have been the luckiest yet. My bother and I spent the better part of opening day stalking a number of different goats. With cactus in our hands and knees we decided to try out a watering hole we had heard about from a buddy of ours. After three hours of waiting and the sun only about ten minutes from setting we decided to try again the next day. As we walked back to the truck I just so happen to look over my left shoulder. Standing about 65 yards was this little buck. I was not sure who stalking who at that point of time but I was sure he was legal and I had mad up my mind early that day that the first legal goat that gave me a chance would be hunted. So with the fastest draw, aim and release I let my arrow fly. The goat ran about 150 yards and that was that.

Congratulations Justin!

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