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"Daren's 2011 Speedgoat"
Photo provided by: Daren Long

Daren Long writes, "Finally drew my West Desert Riverbed tag after many years of putting in. I didn't get out until the 3rd day of the hunt and my wife graciously went along with me. This was an amazing hunt! I left the house at about 7:00am and was seeing shootable size antelope by the time I reached the unit at 8:00am. I passed up several before seeing a respectable goat with prongs above its ears and good mass. This was about 10:00am. It is hard to pass up a good animal and even harder to judge trophy size. I looked the amimal over and was impressed and he was not spooky, so I was confident that I could get within range for a shot with my muzzleloader. He was walking slowly and I was squaking at him trying to get him to stop. He finally stopped and gave me a slight quartering away shot at about 120 yards. When the smoke cleared and that familiar thud rang out, I could see him lying in the grass. Gross score about 67."

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