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"Tom's Incredible Dead Head"
Photo provided by: Tom Benedict

What a cool dead head this is. Tom Benedict picked this up in Montana.

Tom writes, "I found it buried in a snowdrift in the middle of winter while out snowshoeing. I was tracking elk and scouting for the coming shedding season. I didn't think going out, that there was even a chance of me finding anything. When I saw a very brown antler in a wind blown snow drift, my jaw almost dropped. When I pulled it up to reveal what the snow was hiding, my jaw did drop. Then getting it out was a monumental task. I was not prepared to find a ripe winter kill and had no saw to trim off excess gore. But I managed, gore and all, to get the rack back to my car and fasten it in such a way (head sticking out the back window) that I could still have a pleasant drive home."

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