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"What A Beast!! (1st Place)"
Photo provided by: Dwayne Elam

1st Place Winner!

While hunting in Colorado, Dwayne Elam harvested this huge buck. The buck is an 8x12 with a 35-inch spread and gross scores 241. He should also net around 235 B&C!
Dwayne writes, "I looked over 10-12 different bucks before I found this guy. I saw several 25-27 inch muleys, and a couple high twentys maybe thirty, but was after something over the magic 30-inch mark. He was bedded in about 20 inches of snow in the pines. After making a stalk to about 400 yards, I sat in the snow for about 1 1/2 hours waiting for him to stand up and present a shot. He stood up, took two steps and stopped broadside. He went 30 feet and the rest is history".

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