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"Josh's Archery Bull"
Photo provided by: Josh Bransford

Josh Bransford, aka springbear here at, harvested this big bull with his bow in Idaho.
Josh writes, "I started working him at about 5 in the afternoon and had him close several times, but he would not come all the way in. I had just about given up for the night, but decided to make an aggressive move and closed the distance to 60 yards. At that point, I could see that he had cows, which I did not know. As luck would have it, he was down the hill from his cows, and I was a little closer to them then to him. I figured I would bugle and see if he got mad. He did!
As soon as I called, I could hear him coming, so I drew my bow. He flew past a tree that I figured was 30 yards and kept coming, 25, 20, 15, 10, 8 yards. However he was facing me straight on, no shot! He bugled and started working over a tree.
After what seemed like and hour, but was more like a minute, one of his cows let out a soft call, and he turned to look at her. Broadside at 8 yards. He only made it fifty feet after the shot, and I watched him go down. He is my first bull with a bow!"

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