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"David's Colorado Trophy Buck"
Photo provided by: David Cardwell

David Cardwell writes, "It had been 8 years since I had hunted for a mule deer and I decided to spend my 8 colorado preference points to hunt for a buck in an early wilderness rifle season. After lots of research and consultations with experts in the forums (mainly Deerking) as to which area to hunt, we put in and were selected. Then began a rigorous training program to get in shape to backpack into timberline country.
We backpacked in 2 days early and set up camp. Opening day was spent above timberline dodging lightening, rain, and sleet. By sundown, I had seen 7 bucks, but none were mature. At dusk, I spotted this buck just above timberline and 1 shot from my .270 at 150 yards put him down. Didn't realize how good he was until I approached him. He was killed right at 12,000 feet. I estimate he was 5-1/2 miles from the truck when I took this picture. I have never been so tired or elated as when we reached the truck!
He is still in velvet and I decided to have him mounted that way. Bases are 6 inches and including double brow tines, he is a 7X8. Mainframe is 28-1/2 wide and total width is 29-1/2 inches including kickers. When I started my research, Deerking asked me what my goals were. I told him a heavy 4x4 frame at least 28" wide with a couple of kickers thown in. I think I did all right!
Thanks to all that helped, especially Deerking and my brother who helped pack him out!"

You did GREAT David!

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