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"Dustin's Big Ole' Nevada Bull"
Photo provided by: Dustin Grate

Dustin Grate writes, "In 8 days of frigid cold, I hunted with the help of my Dad and my father-in-law in Ely, Nevada. We were able to out think, out smart, and stalk, this massive 354 net bull. He has three busted points that killed my total points, 36 total deductions.
I was on a mountain top well before daylight in negative temperatures, when I spotted about 20 plus elk feeding. I had to move quick and make about a half mile stalk. At this distance, I did not have my spotting scope and could not pick up a bull, but we had not scene this herd the day before in this area. I started running to make time and distance to my advantage. I knew there had to be a bull in the herd.
I was approximately 800 yards from the elk when I could hear a vehicle approaching my location. I started running through the trees to close the distance. I rounded a tree and saw cows and calves. Then, I spotted one cow on the ridge and the left horn of this massive bull sticking out of a tree.
I was still 300 yards away, but could not take the time to stalk closer. I could see through a snag directly in front of me, the bulls neck. I steadied my aim and squeezed the trigger, hearing that wonderful loud "thud". The bull disappeared, then reappeared. Knowing I didn't miss, I put another round on his right front shoulder. It was a perfect shot, but I thought, "Why hasnít the elk fallen down?" My bull took two steps, I shot again and he vanished.
I ran to where I knew I hit him the first shot. This massive bull stood up 20 yards from me. I stood there looking in awe at this 900-1000 pound bull on its feet looking away from me as he stood there shaking on the hoof. He turned and looked at me trying to step toward me and trying to get away. I stepped around a tree and hit him again, then again to finally put him down.

I could not have done this without the tremendous help of God, my Dad, Gary, and father-in-law, Brian.

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