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Awesome Archery Bulls

Awesome Archery Bulls
Over ONE HOUR of giant bulls, rutting, wallowing and running right at us, it's from one year with a wild rut. All the hunting is in late September and the screams of the big bulls are going to echo off your walls!

We're bringing you eight hunts with six giant bulls harvested INTO YOUR LIVING ROOM. We will also bring you the footage from four months of scouting and years of experience. The bulls harvested range from a huge non-typical 4x7 to a genuine 417 point 7x6 monster, all these bulls gross over Pope and Young minimums.

We will show you all we saw on the hunt, the bulls that got away, the ones we let walk away, even a few we missed and some we wished we had worked a little harder for.

All fair chase, always!

DVD Price: $5.00

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