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Tricks Of The Trade
Trophy Elk Hunting

Bulls Gone Wild 3
Some Of The Biggest Bulls Ever Filmed!
10 Hunts! 400"+ Bulls!
60 Years of Hunting Savvy Packed into 85 mins. of Video!

Together, John and Mike have over 60 years of experience, plus they have a lot of help from highly skilled, highly successful friends and family members who help them find and hunt these giant bulls.

We use ten hunts to show you some of the "Tricks Of The Trade". Seven of these hunts have never been seen on DVD. They include bulls scoring from 300 to 370. All are 6x6 or larger.

We have also included three amazing bow hunts all for bulls that score at or over 400 points. One is the current, official world record.

We will bring you each hunt as if happened. Real, wild and fair chase. Plus, there is bonus footage of bulls that score into the stratosphere and some are still out there!

Available in DVD Only

DVD Price: $5.00

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