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"The Last Day"

The Last Day
Mike's 4x4 buck nets 154 7/8 B&C and has 2-inch eye guards!
It was the last Monday of the season in Oregon and my last chance to harvest a buck. I had seen several other bucks prior to this day, but none of them presented a shot that I felt comfortable taking. I had one day of hunting left and I wanted to make the most of it.

Before first light, I positioned myself at the top of a drainage hunkered down between two rocks. The wind was in my face for most of the morning, but no deer appeared. As dawn approached I spotted two decent forked horns and seven does feeding just below me. It was my last day and I was clean out of venison from last year, but I was able to hold off the trigger and let the bucks go.

After they fed out of sight I began hunting my way down the mountain. I had been sneaking for about two hours when I noticed movement below and to my left. I couldn't tell what they were, but I hoped they would come out in an opening about fifty yards up the ridge. I sat down, took a rest on my knee, and waited.

Though it felt like an eternity, it probably took less then two minutes for the first deer to appear. It was a small fork horn. Then a doe, spike, and another doe appeared. My heart was racing with anticipation as I waited to see what next would walk from the trees. I waited 20 or 30 seconds, praying for a bigger buck.
I almost went into cardiac arrest when the next deer stepped out. He looked huge!
I took a deep breath, said one last prayer, and squeezed the trigger. The deer scattered and I thought I had missed the buck. I couldn't see him running, but he was closest to the brush and could have easily slipped away.
I sprinted across the small canyon to where he had been standing. My 7mm Mag. had done its job and 30 yards down the hill laid my buck of a lifetime.

As long as I live, I will never forget that great day and the incredible feeling he had given me. He truly is an amazing buck, and now he will be forever remembered and respected.

Written by Mike Prohoroff

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Click-a-Pic ... Details & Bigger Photos

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