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"The Monster in the Corn Field"

Mike's incredible Colorado buck
The state of Colorado has produced more giant mule deer than any other state, and is well known for its awesome high country mule deer hunting. There's now a new breed of mule deer in Colorado, for that matter, most of the western states. This new breed of trophy mule deer live in the low lands, river bottom's, swamps and farm fields. Mike Wells has discovered and proved that it's not necessary to hunt at 10,000 feet to harvest a trophy mule deer.

In 1999, Mike was hunting one of the private ranches that he leases, the land consists primarily of corn and alfalfa fields, the perfect low country deer habitat. Mike had positioned himself on a high stack of hay bails. The plan was to wait for the bucks to feed out of the corn and into the alfalfa field. It didn't take long before the group of six bucks feed right out of the corn. Mikes heart was pounding as he tried to decide which buck he wanted to harvest.

After seeing this picture, you may be wondering how it could be a tough decision. Well, there were three giant bucks in the bunch, one was an awesome 8 x 9, another, the most massive antlered buck Mike had ever seen, with a drop tine to boot. The final buck, the one above, was the widest buck in the bunch. Mike had the good fortune of watching the bucks for twenty minutes before harvesting this incredible trophy. The buck has a rough score of 218 7/8 B&C points, with a 37 inch spread WOW!

Written by Brian Latturner as told by Mike Wells.

Click-a-Pic ... Details & Bigger Photos

Click-a-Pic ... Details & Bigger Photos

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