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Greys River Trophy Buck
By Dr. Keith Ruter

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I live in the heart of whitetail country and have enjoyed the hunts for many years. Mule deer hunting is something I have always wanted to do. Hunting muleys in the mountains of Wyoming was number one ranking on my hunting bucket list. After many hours of researching mule deer areas, my hunting partner, Bill, and I decided the Greys River area was for us. We decided to sign on with Greys River Outfitters and I am very glad we did! Mike Clark was excellent to work with and very meticulous that we had the correct permits and supplies needed for our hunt. The 22 hour drive to camp was long, yet I was very anxious to arrive and complete the mule deer hunt of my dreams! Their base camp was well organized and well equipped for our adventure. We were very well fed and comfortable. The horses were perfect for covering many mountain miles which preserved us for the climbs we made on foot. The months of workouts were a necessary preparation for our adventure and I realized very quickly that my northwest Illinois lunges were short on oxygen, so the horses were a life saver!

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The mountain top scenery was spectacular! We were at a mountain saddle area and I had the thought that we were not in heaven, but I am sure God takes his coffee break in that spot! We saw muleys every day. As hunters, we typically do not want to shoot the first set of antlers we see. I am very glad I did not! The morning of the 4th day we were at tree line glassing a few very nice bucks when guide James Clark said "Oh my God boys, look at that one!" James had spotted the mule deer of my life time! We were about 1200 yards away and the monster was looking at all of us from one his favorite hiding spots. He was perched on a cliff edge under a large pine with very distinct escape routes. He seemed quite content in the shade of the tree. Mike and I decided to make a stalk to the next ridge which put us at 400 yards from the deer. We made our move to the ridge and found the deer still at his vantage point. I knew my time was very limited, but the first time I tried to find him in the scope, the glare from the sun was too much. To my good fortune, the second time we looked over the ridge, the sun had moved just enough to give me a clear site picture. I was well practiced at this distance. I knew from all the rifle practice at my farm, I was comfortable making the shot. My only problem was keeping myself together to make the shot! I put my 7mm Remington Magnum to work and put him down! The first shot hit him on the shoulder and went completely through the buck!

We knew the deer was down, yet that was the longest hike of my life to put my tag on such a magnificent trophy! I knew he was a very mature buck and there was no ground shrinkage with this one! I do not think I was a lot of help with the quartering of my buck. I was in utter amazement of the magnificent animal I had harvested! We packed him out on horseback and finished preparing him for taxidermy at camp. We measured him at 185 inches of typical antlers! Mike Clark did a beautiful job on the taxidermy and he hangs on my office wall to remind me of the best mule deer hunt I will ever have!

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In addition to an incredible mule deer hunt, I was also able to do some cut throat trout fishing. My son, Aaron, was with us on the trip. He is an avid fly fisherman and had the Greys river trout on his fishing bucket list. Aaron spent all five days in the waters of the Greys catching and releasing the resident trout. I had the pleasure of joining him on the fifth day of our adventure. There is no greater joy than spending time like that with a son that I rank one of the highest treasures of my life!

From the scenery to the trophy, the guides, the fishing and comradery, I had the best hunting experience of my life in the mountains of Wyoming!

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