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"Grant's 357 Gross 7x7 Bull"
Photo provided by: Grant Minnis

Grant Minnis writes, "Here's the big bull I shot this year. Unofficially he's a 357 7x7 with bases at 11 1/2 inches and the first elk I have ever shot! He's even got that thick palm!
It was in Idaho and I was hunting with my friend Scott and his dad. This was our second week hunting and we hadn't seen anything but some big muleys and a couple of cows way off.
We had been hunting the ridges in the mornings and that afternoon we decided to split up on the ridge and head down through the timber where we thought they were beded down for the day.
It just so happened that I dropped off in the right place and a couple of hours later I was stopped for a break ready to head to a spot I had seen the week before when I saw the bull walking about 150-200 yards below me in the ravine. I took him down with a my 7mm."

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