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"A Big Bull for Russ and the Brewer's"
Photo provided by: Russ Brewer

Russ Brewer writes, "This hunt started 32 years ago when my dad took me on my first hunting trip. I was only about 2-years old at the time, but his passion and love for the outdoors and hunting was instantly instilled in me. Tragically, I lost my dad in a car accident when I was seven. Thankfully, I do have an older brother who has helped guide me through some of the growing pains of learning how to hunt. He and I have been hunting together for the past twenty years and cherish every moment as we know that dad is always watching over us.
My brother and I have been hunting this area now off and on for those 20-years and have always managed to fill the freezer. This year I was lucky enough to draw a coveted either sex permit for a quality elk management area. My brother and I started planning our hunt back in August when I received notice that I had made a successful draw. Our hunting party consisted of my brother, his two boys, (who by the way are equally as diseased as I am with hunting fever) and myself. We were merely scouting the first day out when this bull strolled out of his hiding spot. My brother and I stared, counting points and decided that he was at least a good 6x6. The bull then stopped, presenting me with a good broadside shot and turned his head to look us over. I noticed that he had at least one sticker on each side making him bigger than a 6x6 and that was all it took. After taking this great bull we all knew that dad was watching over us and helped us to harvest this animal. Thanks dad it's good to know you are always watching over us.
Unofficially, this big guy is an 8x9 and scores 343 gross and nets about 320 non typical."

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