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"Two Big Bucks for Craig & Lisa"
Photo provided by: Craig Eckstein

Craig Eckstein writes, "Ive been a huge fan of big muleys for 15 years now. This year, I connected with my best-ever buck in Wyoming. Its a 6x6 with a 30-inch outside spread and a gross B&C score over 185 (not exact yet).

My friend, Steve Kellar, and I watched this deer bed down early in the morning (7:30am), but didnt take the long shot. After waiting a while, he got up to move into the shade he walked right toward us at 250 yards. Neither one of us shot we both thought the other was going to shoot! The deer disappeared into a small ravine, and we thought hed continue coming toward us, to within 100 yards. He never came out. After 2 hours of patiently waiting for him to appear, we decided to stalk him. We had a good head-wind and walked only when the wind gusted. We jumped him out of his bed in the bottom of the ravine. He ran up the opposite side and gave Steve a poor shot thru trees, and he missed. He ran into an opening, quartering away from me at less than 75 yards, and I nailed him. Needless to say, we were pretty happy hunters on October 21, 2004!

The next day, my wife Lisa stalked up on a nice bedded muley in a horrible wind storm and made a great shot on her biggest-ever muley."

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