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"Ryan's 203 Gross Velvet Trophy"
Photo provided by: Ryan Honea

After much scouting on public land in southern Utah, Ryan Honea and his buddy, Ben Reber, located some great bucks. Then, on the second day of the hunt, Ryan spotted this incredible buck bedded 200 yards below him.

Ryan writes, "I was on a ridge top doing some glassing when I looked a mere two hundred yards beneath me and saw the right side of a
monster rack. I knew right away he was big enough to shoot. After a careful stalk, I reached the area where I had previously seen the buck, he
was no where to be found. I thought he had crawled out the back door on me!
I took a few more steps to peak around a corner when I spotted his legs and the top of his rack. I guessed him to be only thirty yards away. I was
situated in a great spot, all I needed him to do was stand up.

I sat there on my knees for three long hours. I could not sit down and wait because some rocks in front of me would impede my shot, I had to be ready the moment he stood up. Finally, a few minutes before dark he stood up, but was facing right at me. Suddenly, his ears perked up and he zoomed in on me. He must of caught some movement from my bow in the wind.

For five minutes I sat motionless, snot literally running down my face. I was even trying not to
blink. Finally, he lost interest and looked away and I drew back, but was having major problems with my contacts from trying not to blink.

On top of that, I was shaking like crazy from being on my knees for three hours. By this point,
they were killing me! However, it was now or never I had to shoot. I missed, I could not believe it! I thought for sure I had just blown a chance at a huge buck.

To my dismay however, he ran thirty yards and stopped (luckily he had no idea I was there) offering a better shot than the first, this time the arrow shot straight through him and the rest is history.

He has sixteen inches of extras, most of them come from around his left eyeguard. The pictures do him little justice, as he gross scored 203!

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