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"Skyler's Idaho Muley Sheds"
Photo provided by: Skyler Dabell

Skyler Dabell writes, "The first set is a set found on Feb 21, 2007. It is my first set ever, and it's even a browny. I had seen this buck during the rifle season, but did not get a chance at him. I have found is right side from 2005 and again in 2006 in the same draw I found this set. I had only about 45 minutes of daylight to hike, so I took a stroll and found this nice 4x5 set. He is guestimated at 24" tall and 29" wide. He must have broken his second point on the left side during velvet, because it split and has a large hole down the split. He also has a dink point on the right second. The next couple photos are of a nice buck I found a few weeks later. This is the actual spot I found it, right on the edge of a cliff. It is a five point with good mass and width. Since I have been out I have found 7 sheds so far this year. What a good season to start off on!"

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