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"Awesome Whitetail Sheds"
Photo provided by: Ronald G. Torpey III

These are some of the finds Ronald has picked up this year. Looks like he has a pretty good spot to find some whiteys!

Here is the story on the Moose:
Ronald writes, "This animal was found March, 20 2007. A friend and I were hiking just below the snow line when this moose was found. It appears the moose was running down hill and it must have been at night because the bull had crashed into two trees trying to go between them and from the force tore the right side antler and a huge chunk of skull right off. The broken paddle was just a few feet to the right of the skull so it was slightly moved to get it into the photo. Just above the skull are the rest of the spine and some leg bone. We were able to see marks on the two trees were the moose had hit them both and killed himself. This bull scores around the high 150ís, truly a rare find and an awesome story."

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