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"Unique & Cool Muley Antlers for Jeff"
Photo provided by: Jeff Steele

Jeff Steele writes, "Here's a real neat shed that I found this year. It has a 8 inch dropper that comes off the main beam and forks. It's too bad the back fork was broken off at the main beam or it would have been really cool. He would measure 32" inches wide if the other side was comparable to this one.

The other pic is a set of big sheds I found this year that I mounted on a fake skull. When I found them, I walked up on a dead deer and when I walked up to look at it, I saw that he had already dropped his horns. I looked around and 10 yards up the hill under a tree were his horns. He had shed his horns and walked down the hill and died. I found 1 side of this same deer last year, but he had lost alot of length and and mass, so he was probably on the downhill side. I have heard of deer shedding their horns right before they die because they are ill or real weak from the hard winter. It's too bad, he would have made a nice trophy for someone."

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