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"Wise Ole' Whitetail for Jared"
Photo provided by: Jared Bloomgren

Jared Bloomgren writes, "Temperatures were just above zero and the snow was falling and accumulating fast as I set out looking for a mature buck of my liking....this was my last trip out for the rifle season and needed to make it happen. With 6 new inches of snow, I walked the cover in areas where the bucks would be bedded up and had little success. I moved to a new area and set out on a long walk while coming face to face with another hunter who too was not seeing many deer. We talked breifly and went about our business. I then moved to a vantage point to watch the surrounding area. Much to my surprise, I found a great buck in an area that I had just walked through....the buck was bedded about 30 yards from where I just got done talking to that other hunter! The only reason I spotted the buck was because he stood up to stretch and look around....only to bed right back down next to a fallen tree in tall grass. I couldn't believe it! "What a smart old buck!" As I was putting a plan together to harvest that buck, I noticed another hunter come walking into the same area. He too walked within 30 yards of that buck. I could see the top of the deer's tines and he would put his head to the ground and disappear...after the hunter had walked past he would lift his head to watch the hunter move out of sight, and then literally crawl through the grass to another spot and lay back down! Magnificent animals these whitetails are! His gig was up and I moved in on his position....I was within 20 yards when the buck must have thought I was onto him....he jumped up with his head to the ground and tried to sneak away moving straight away....I sat down and readied my bipods and waited for him to offer a shot. I was able to get a bullet into his boiler room from 200 yards when he finally stepped into an opening quartering away! I was very happy to have gotten a chance to take a smart buck like this who has been evading hunters for quite some time! It really makes me wonder how many deer I have walked right by over the years."

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