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"Stephen's 190 Whitetail"
Photo provided by: Stephen Henderson

Stephen Henderson downed this 18-point big boy that gross scores 190-5/8.

Stephen writes, "The short of the story, we've seen this buck over the last three weeks. Each time we've seen him it has been late in the evening or early in the morning. Because we only saw him early or late, we never saw exactly how big he was. The last weekend of muzzleloader season I spotted him walking by at 20 yards. I knew he had a great spread, but didn't know exactly how many points he had and I didn't shoot. He was walking in a cutover and it was just too thick. Well, this past weekend I was in my climber and I got a second look at this big deer. He stepped out at 40 yards and I noticed the same spread and the bonus, a high horn on his left side. I had just grunted with my Primos call at him a couple of times and rattled before he stepped out and his focus on the ground just underneath me, he was looking for a fight. When I shot him with my Remington model 700 270, he pretty much went down. I still didn't know how many points he had, I knew he had a great spread and nice mass for antlers. I waited a few minutes and got out of my stand, walked over to him and saw exactly what I had shot. I thought I had shot a good 8 point buck with a great spread. It wasn't until after I walked over to him and counted did I realize I had killed an 18 point measuring 21 and 2/8 or so inches. A great buck and a great experience for me. The only part I really left out was the trail of trees he had been tearing up."

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