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"Another Fine Muley for Jared"
Photo provided by: Jared Bloomgren

Jared Bloomgren writes, "I first spotted this buck at over a mile away at first light and quickly decided to put a plan together to close the distance. He was with two other bucks, 6 does and 4 yearlings; I knew it wouldn't be an easy task. At 8 am I was inching myself along a shallow draw with a few hardwoods when one of the does caught my movement. After a 45 minute standoff she decided to take the group out of that part of the country even though she didn't know what I was. The next 4 hours played out much the same; I tried to close the distance for a shot, but kept coming up empty handed as there was not a lot of concealment to get me within range. Spot and stalk turned into cat and mouse as I kept moving around in the rolling hills trying to catch or get in front of the group. I knew I had one last chance, the sun was dipping low in the sky and this would be my last chance for the day. My goal was to stay a step ahead of the group and be where they were going to be as they moved across the grassy pasture. It all finally came together and I spotted antlers coming over the hill and into the same shallow draw that I was in. Panic set in as there was little concealment and not much to hide me. I noticed an old badger hole on the side of a small bank with brush above it, the only chance of me being hidden was to get to that location. I crawled 75 yards and was in position as the deer approached 90 yards, still moving my way. All the while the buck of my choice was leading the group until they were within 70 yards, then he fell to the back. The rest of the group was passing by me and closed the distance to 30 yards before they pinned me down and tried to figure out what I was. I didn't think there was any chance as I knew they would blow out of there as soon as I was to move....the buck finally stepped into an opening. I was holding my rangefinder to my eye the whole time as to not move as much as possible. He was 62 yards, feeding and not having any idea his friends had already found me; luckily, they let me get my bow to full draw as I settled my 60 yard pin and touched off the trigger. I couldn't have dreamt of a better shot; the arrow passed through both lungs, right behind the shoulder and the buck ran a short distance before expiring!

He is an old monarch. Missing teeth and what was left was wore to the gums. I am putting him at over 7 years old according to teeth charts."

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