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"Two Nice Bucks for Todd"
Photo provided by: Todd Harney

Todd Harney, aka BigSurArcher here at, sent over these photos of the fine California blacktail and Nevada muley he took this past season.

Todd writes, "The first one was my second CA blacktail buck of 2011. I harvested him on the opener of rifle season, three weeks after he ducked my string on what I thought was a slam dunk shot with my bow. Being busy with college kept me from going after him again during archery season, but it was a different story on the opener of rifle though. I found him in his favorite area with another nice buck, and put him down at 145 yards with the trusty Win. M70 .30-06. He ended up scoring 120 1/8" net.

The second buck is my 2011 NV muley. My dad and I drew tags together and had an awesome time. We both harvested nice bucks, his being quite a bit bigger. I spotted my buck one midday and watched him bed in some tall sage at 9,500 ft. I made my way to the ridge above where I last saw him, and bedded myself into the rocks to wait him out. Sure enough, he popped up from his bed an hour before dark. The brush was so tall, it took me nearly 15 minutes to get a shot off. When I did, he went down. The shot was 220 yards."

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