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"Lucky Paul = Big Bull"
Photo provided by: Paul Cook

This big 7x7 bull was taken by Paul Cook. The bull gross scores 361.

Here's Paul's story:
Vegas Vacation - "Russ where did you get all these cars?" "I put a quarter in, pull the lever and got a car"
I feel like Russ from Vegas Vacation this year. 2009 at the annual Sportsman's show I decided to buy a $20 raffle ticket at a booth that was raffling off land owner tags. March 2009 I received an e-mail and I won!!! I have never won anything before, ever! The hunt was for the last week in September, a 3 day hunt. As we arrived I told the land owner that I have hunted for the better part of my life, therefore I really didn't need a guide. He then showed me the boundaries to his property and we were off. The first morning found us in a thick draw with some aspens, and junipers everywhere. I let out a bugle and I got one right back. A nice symmetrical 6x6 came out 300 yards down the draw. As this was the first morning, I passed him up, which for a hunter is the hardest thing to do! I don't care what you see on DVD's it is not easy.
The next area we were in we heard a few bulls calling back and forth so we started in. Right away I had a response that was big and getting closer. Below us at 400 yards, I saw this bull come out of the junipers just a shaking his head back and forth...pissed off. All I saw on this bull was his massive 3rds sticking straight out. I watched him the rest of the evening and went back to camp, where I could not stop thinking about this bull and how unique he was. Morning of the last day was here and I made up my mind to go back and hunt this unique bull. Luck was again on my side and he was in the same area as I left him. I had a 400 yard shot down hill and knew this was the closet I could get to him. The rest was history and I was lucky and fortunate enough to harvest such a fine animal. He is currently at the taxidermist and hope to have him back soon. He is a 7x7 scoring 361 with the 3rds measuring 22 inches long going straight out.
Just goes to show you "every dog has his day". This is my first big mature bull and unless I draw out for elk this will most likely be my biggest. There really isn't anything like hunting elk during the rut, I can't describe it, but for those of you who have experienced it know what I am talking about."

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