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"Steve's New Mexico Smokepole Bull"
Photo provided by: Steve Roberts

Steve Roberts writes, "After not having much luck for the first two days of the hunt, I decided to try a different area. After I passed a truck in the little area I was going to hunt in, I thought to myself that my luck would not be much better. When I hit the trail I decided to give my bugle a try and was immediately answered, but the bugle I heard sounded like a sick old man trying to call in what he thought might have been an elk also, little did I know. I went on down the road and called again, only to be answered again and heard what sounded like a whole heard of cattle coming my way, but I knew better and got myself prepared for what might be a shot. The bull and several cows came out where I had set up not 80 yards from me and the rest is history. Just shows you that you should never give up on funny sounding bugles, they could actually be the real deal. Lot of luck and a good shot placement brought home this nice bull from 80 yards with my muzzleloader."

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