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"Awesome 370-Inch Bull for Blake (Contest Winner!)"
Photo provided by: Blake Owens

Winner of our Best Bull Elk Field Photo Contest!
Prize = $100.00 Gift Card!

Blake Owens, aka bonecollector777, shared with us all in our Elk Forum:
"Finally got my first big bull on the ground this morning. First couple days of the hunt were pretty tough and didn't hear a lot of bugles. Last night we went listening for bugles and they were finally getting going. This morning we went into an area where we knew some big bulls were, but only got on some smaller six points. Around 7:00 we checked another area and had two bulls going crazy about a mile away so we ran and got in close. As we topped a hill we heard a bugle about 80 yards away so we slowly moved in to about 40 yards. As we got closer we heard some water splashing and realized he was wallowing in a huge pool. From where we were we could see from his thirds up and I could tell he was a shooter. We moved in to 22 yards as he splashed around and didn't pay any attention to anything around him. After about a minute he stood up and walked out broad side at 22 yards. I shot him while he was walking and hit kind of far back, but after he took off we heard him crash about 30 seconds later. We followed good blood for about a hundred yards and there he was. He scored right at 370" and is about as symmetrical as they come. Only one inch difference between both sides. The bull was nice enough to run and die 20 yards from a easily accessible road so that made it easy on us to get him in the truck."

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