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"222-inch Muzzleloader Monster Muley"
Photo provided by: Jerimiah Taylor

Jerimiah Taylor writes, "Mr. Sunshine!! That is what I named this buck. I was driving to the spot where I had seen him a few times before, I was a little late and I was irritated at myself for that. The sun was already up and shining through the desert! I happened to look out through the lava rocks and I seen a glance of what looked like a rack glistening in the morning sunrise. I hit the skids and backed the truck up. As I looked through the optics, which took about 1 second, I knew it was the one I was looking for and had seen before! It was on! He was 400 yards out through the lava rocks. I was hunting a short range weapon only hunt!! The belly crawl was the only way, it took me 45 mins to crawl within 50 yards of this buck. I peeked my head up over a rock and there he was broadside!! I capped the muzzleloader and made a perfect shot. If it wasn't for the sun shining just right and this buck standing just right, I would had drove right by!! That is why I named him Mr. Sunshine. 9x10 ... 222 6/8"s of horn and is going in the books at 213-7/8."

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