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"Wolf Hunt Success"
Photo provided by: riverrat

riverrat here at, shared in the Idaho forum the following on his wolf hunting success.............

"Well I was fortunate enough to get another wolf this past weekend. This one was probably about a 80 pound female. My hunting buddy and I have been hard at it and this day was no exception, we went out at 3:00 am riding snowmobiles trying to cut tracks and get them to howl. We got them howling about 4am and messed with them till daylight. Once daylight came he spotted them and then we went about putting a sneak on them. First shot was 432 yards then all heck broke loose. As far as we could tell there was 4 in the pack and I believe I only hit the one that I found. This is #5 in two years with a rifle for me and my buddy has 2. We do our fair share but now we are both certified trappers so hopefully our success goes up. I sure hope everyone can get out and get after these soon."

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