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"Brandon's Nevada Muley"
Photo provided by: Brandon Eklund

This fine Nevada buck was taken by Brandon Eklund, aka AlwaysInRut here at He shared in the forum the following...........

"I harvest this buck on October 30th in area 065. I was with my father-in-law, Von, and my wife's uncle, Chris. We stopped to glass and after a little while Chris spotted a herd of deer over a mile away. He set up his spotting scope and we saw this buck. We made a plan to get to him and everything came together and worked in our favor. I had the sun at my back and the wind in my face. After getting set up and calming down I made a 300 yard shot. He bedded down and didn't spook the other deer away. I shot him again and he jumped up and ran about 30 yards to where he died. It was a great hunt and I couldn't be happier or more excited to harvest this buck."

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