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"Late-Season Wasatch Trophy Bull for Brady"
Photo provided by: Brady Bunker

The Wasatch Late Elk Hunt in Utah was pretty good for Brady Bunker, aka bbgun101. Here's what he had to share in our forum...........

"Back in June, I received a phone call from the DWR telling me that I was an alternate for the Wasatch late Elk hunt. I was excited because I am only 15 years old and have only 1 point. I just want to thank whoever turned their tag back in! I was successful in getting a great bull!! The opening day of the hunt I missed a pretty good bull. We tried to find him the next couple days and had no luck. On Monday morning my dad spotted a different bull, but unfortunately I wasn't with him. When we finally got up there Monday afternoon we couldn't find him. The next two days we still couldn't find him. On Wednesday night we glassed over a ridge and spotted a herd of elk. The bull my dad had spotted on Monday morning was in with this herd, but it was getting too dark, and we decided to take our chance and wait until the morning. We didn't want to push the elk out and also we were running out of daylight. On Thursday morning we went back where we had glassed the bull the night before and we found the bull elk. He was with a really bright colored spike. He had only moved 50 yards from where we had spotted him the night before. We stalked him for about 2 miles and finally when we got close enough it was a 350 yard shot. He is a 6x7 bull which carried great mass all the way through. This hunt will be one to remember and I would like to say thanks to everyone who helped me on this wonderful 1st elk hunt!"

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