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"The Last Load ... Big Trophy Bull for Jake"
Photo provided by: Jake Weston

Jake Weston, aka ForkWest, sent over these photos of his fine trophy bull.

Jake writes, "This picture represents many seasons of trial and shortcoming, a year of dedicated fitness training, a week of extreme physical hunting, three days of meat packing and the culminating reward of "The Last Load". Every guy says they hunt the steepest nastiest country, but in this case, we really do. It's what's required when hunting public land, DIY, OTC, as was the case for this hunt. Camp is 7 miles from the trailhead, this bull was killed 3 miles beyond that, in country so rough that it's inaccessible to horses. We backpacked, rock climbed, crawled, bled and jungled through with 5 loads of meat back to the horse pick up point. I snapped this shot (top pic) with an evening snow storm rolling in as we crested over the last hill, just before crashing, completely spent, back at camp, to relish everything the adds up to "The Last Load"."

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