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"Sweet Colorado Bull"
Photo provided by: Gen King

Gen King, aka LoveToHuntMom here at, is sure proud of her daughter on harvesting her first bull. She shared in our forum the following.............

"My daughter has always hunted elk with her Dad in Arizona. She has only drawn cow tags in Arizona. She moved to Colorado to be with her boyfriend. She got her first OTC bull tag and was so excited. The first weekend, two elk were taken, but her opportunity didn't happen. She kept telling me mom/dad Arizona mountains are nothing like Colorado they are kicking my butt. She got to rest up during the week and this past Saturday, her dream since she was able to hunt at 10 years old came true. Shes gotten several cows, and one hangs on our wall as a matter of fact. But this past Saturday, among the snow and ice and hiking she accomplished her dream! She got her bull with her boyfriends 7 mag first time shooting it because she realized her gun was not going to do the trick. I asked her if she was nervous she was like oh heck yes....I didn't want to miss. Their was two bulls, she decided to focus on the one in her scope, (I guess the other one was even bigger), and she pulled the trigger!!!
As a mom I am so proud of her. She said mom it was so cold, I don't think I have ever felt that cold before. She is so thankful that her and her boyfriend share the same love of hunting! I am so thankful and love that my son & daughter continue on the hunting traditions as adults now! Makes this mommas heart so happy!!!"

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