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"Slug-of-a-Texas Buck"
Photo provided by: Cory Kohutek

Cory Kohutek, a regular who goes by muleymaddness, shared with us in the forum the following.............

"I got lucky and shot a great mule deer this past Wed evening. I have a large lease here in Texas and up until now, it's been tough hunting. Low deer density coupled with warm weather has been making it tough. I live about 2.5 hours away, so I make small trips out here and there. The season ended for Texas this past Sunday, so I headed out Wednesday to try and make the best of the remaining days of the season.

During the morning and mid-day, I glassed up 4 deer including about a 150ish muley. Phoneskope worked out cool on him and I videoed him and really enjoyed that. We'd been seeing that buck since September. I didn't feel like I had much to lose, so that evening decided to try a different spot. Did lots of hiking, covering ground, and glassing and later that evening, glassed up 3 deer on the river bottom and that's it. I had one canyon left to go down and work back up to get to where I parked, so I was basically calling it an evening. Looking for a finger to go down on, I look up and see this guy grazing on the opposite hillside. I was running low on light, glassed good enough to see that his forks were good and when he'd look my way, I could tell his backs were heavy or there was something different about them. I didn't judge long because I knew he was good enough to shoot and it was getting dark. Ranged him at 320 and got set up for the shot. Laid down and it was weird. Everything came into place perfectly. Wasn't too nervous, no grass in my way, and I pulled out my extra shirt and rolled it up under the butt of my gun. It was dead solid. Squeezed one off with the 7mag and he buckled and went down the canyon about 20 yards in a saddle where I couldn't see, but piled up. I hustled over to find him buried in a cedar tree. Pulled him out and kept seeing points and more points. Then I saw palmation and more trash. I couldn't believe it. I like these kind of surprises.

He's a 9x6 with excellent mass and trash. We have to score them for record keeping, so I had him scored. He went 208 2/8" gross."

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