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"Heavy, Long-Tined Nevada Bull"
Photo provided by: Ryan Bingham

Ryan Bingham (aka bingo) shared these photos and the story of his awesome Nevada hunt in our Nevada forum.............

"It was an awesome hunt. My first time hunting Nevada and they have some quality hunting and animals I tell you. I easily saw over 100 different branched antler bulls over the 12 days I was there. I had 4 different guys drive out to help me at different times. (Shout out to Jason, TJ, Scott and Jack) I can't even say how cool that was to get to hunt with some of my buddies that are seriously awesome hunters that I learn a lot from as well as I had my mom there most of the time so we ate well and dad there the whole time which made it special for me too. Having Timberline set up the last 5 days was a great decision on my part. Those guys can glass up that pj country like I've never seen. It was awesome and I learned a ton watching them do their thing.
I got ALOT of great help from my fellow MMers out there too. Thanks guys, you know who you are!
I had chances at other great bulls along the way but things just never quite worked out for different reasons as hunting goes. Basically, we found this bull the night after passing a massive 350-355 type 5x6 that morning which made me doubt myself a little bit with just a few days to go in the hunt but once we found this bull, we made a fast stalk to get within shooting range. The shot was longer than I wanted (729) but I was prepared and equipped for long shots if needed and needless to say, it all worked out and I harvested this beautiful bull. It was cold, long, grueling and rewarding. Did I mention cold?? Thanks again for everyones help. This is a great forum and resource."

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