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"Erin's 31-1/2" Wide Colorado Buck"
Photo provided by: Jeff Gallegos

Jeff Gallegos writes, "Erin had been waiting 6 years to draw a buck tag here in Colorado. Her being paralyzed and in wheelchair was going to make it a little tough to accomplish her dream of a big muley. I, her husband, scouted for her all summer and she came along when she could. We weren't seeing any giants all year. Then a few weeks before season we started seeing lots of deer and quite a few decent bucks. So opening day we got her on a real great buck but with her mobility issues it just didn't pan out and we scared him out of our area. We hunted hard a few more days seeing lots of 170 class deer, but she was set on the big one we couldn't connect with on the first day. She even passed this buck up earlier in the morning wanting to get the one from opening day. We covered everything and the one she really wanted just wasn't coming back into our area. So we were ready to call it a day and was headed home and caught this one coming back out of hills to feed. After looking him over again and discussing the possibility of the one she wanted not coming back, and if he did he was going to be wise to us and not let us get her into range, she decided maybe this one was big enough to try for. So I worked her into position, got her within about 150 yards and she was looking him over trying to decide. I told her she needed to decide soon as shooting hours were about up. The next thing I hear was not an "ok, I want him", it was a shot and a thwwwaaaaap. He didn't go right down and after some tracking, I found him and got help out there to load him up and we got him back to Erin and unloaded for pictures. It made it all the better that our son was even along for the hunt."

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