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"Fine Idaho 4-point Buck for David"
Photo provided by: David Bitrick

David Bitrick writes, "I was getting ready to deploy in April and my dad and myself were discussing what tags we wanted to go after in Idaho. Well, I was notified while I was deployed over seas that we had a drawn unit 44 mule deer tags in Idaho. Was excited, but realized I was only going to get about a week to hunt seeing how I wasn't gonna return until the end of October and the tag ended October 31st. My dad also drew the tag with me and he got his deer in end of September and was excited for me to return, so we could cash in on my tag. After 4 days and not seeing many shooters, we came across this guy on a foggy morning, took a shot at about 200 yards and couldn't tell if I hit him or not cause fog rolled in. Went over and looked for blood and found I missed him...
Went back on the morning of October 31 and found him bedded down right below where I missed him 2 days prior! Dad was as excited as I was until he realized that I had shot a bigger one then he did. He ended up scoring 173, biggest buck of my life and gonna be fun to go after bigger ones than him! After a fun pack out, we went back to camp and prepared for elk hunting the next morning."

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