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"Awesome Colorado Hunt Results Big Buck"
Photo provided by: Paul Comino New Mexico forum moderator, Paul Comino (aka NMPaul), shared with us all in the forum the following........

"This year was my turn to pull the tags, normally it is my son.

He still has an AZ coues hunt, but, these are the mule deer from this year.

My favorite is the CO buck I killed after I burned my points. First, I cannot thank Cody (AKA nmelktrout) enough. I burned my CO points this year and Cody generously went way out of his way to give me awesome intel. Thanks again Cody.

Now that I am an empty nester, I decided to start burning points and selecting certain states to hunt more often. So this year it was my CO deer points. 10 points burned for a 4th season tag. This was the year that it was unseasonably warm, but, it was still epic.

Driving in the night before hunt started out in a private field was a solid 200" buck with lots of junk. I never did drive to the ranch and ask to hunt or buy a trespass fee, but, was sorely tempted. First morning I glassed up a solid typical that was bigger than the buck I finally killed, but, it was first morning, and I passed. I wanted a heavy horned, dark old mature buck. Zach was to drive all night after school Thursday night and meet me to hunt on Friday. That morning we saw a monster. A huge 5x5 with webbing. Biggest buck either of us had ever seen. I dived off the mountain and into Hells Canyon. Coming up the other side I realized what I should have known before I went down in the hell hole (with 7" of fresh snow), I would run out of public land, and the buck was at least 1/4 mile on Private. Damn!!!

The next days were epic. Passed on couple nice deer, but, nothing better than I eventually killed.

Some very ugly hikes, but, we were not gonna leave it all on the field.

Last day, Pressure on. It was looking like I would regret some of the good bucks I passed on. The main reason I passed on that first morning buck was that I really wanted Zach with me when I killed a buck.

We split up that last morning, going to places that we had seen quality bucks. Plan was to meet up at 8:30 and hopefully one of us had found a solid buck. We met up, and nothing.

We went to the tallest mountain in our area and set up the glass. Getting late, then boom, Dickweed says, I got a shooter. Down in the bottom almost 2 miles out. Had to go for it.
Went off the mountain, almost 2 hours later I am easing into the ravine the buck is in. Does are blowing out, small buck is running. I can't find him. I am looking all over, then I see him. He is holding tight with his head laying against the ground.

I set up bog pod but it is to high, I go to fix it and he is off running directly away. I am only at 175 yards, but, I got the sticks right now. Aim for center mass and make a lucky ass shot breaking him in half at the spine.

Could not have been more perfect. In the clear mountain air, I can hear Zach yelling on the top of the mountain, he watched the whole thing through the spotting scope, and he thought he was watching me blow it. The hike back up the mountain packing everything was ugly, but, every step was sweet. Love CO."

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