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"A Great Day Afield and a Big Bull"
Photo provided by: Jeffrey Lyon

Jeffrey Lyon (aka LIONKING) writes, "I picked up my two nephews and my son (Lyon Pride) to take a ride up the mountains to see if we find could find a bull. This is the first elk hunt my nephews have been on. We had a late start as usual, my sister had made us breakfast and coffee so that took a little time, but luck was on our side, as we got into the mountains, we were still the first ones on this road. We got into the old burn and started up a switch back road when I spotted this bull about 500 yards away across the canyon. I got set up and tried to have the two boys look through the binoculars, they got on the bull and I was able to break in my new reticle scope. I usually do not shoot this far at any animals, but I had been practicing, so I put the 500 yard reticle on him and squeezed the trigger. My son indicated to me that I hit him good, the bull walked a little ways and stopped. I put another round in him, at this point he started to do the two step and fell over. The Lyon Pride started whooping and hollering and we watched the bull for about 20 minutes and there was no movement. I showed the boys an old trail that got us really close before we had to walk straight up the mountain. As I deboned the bull, which the Pride help a little, I cut up some strips of back strap as the boys started a fire to cook some meat. They helped pack out the bull and I am pretty sure I set the hook with them two boys! I canít wait for them to get their hunter safety! We called this bull The Boss Bull...his bases were huge and it just looked Boss!"

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