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"Double Whiskey Bull Hits the Dirt"
Photo provided by: Jeffrey Lyon

Proud dad, Jeffrey Lyon, writes, "My son, JP, was fortunate to bag a huge 6x6 bull this year. He is 14 years old and has been hunting for the past 4 years and harvesting a bigger bull each year. I cannot wait to see what next year has in store for him if he keeps this pace going! I showed my son a different part of the mountain and it payed off. As we were walking on an elk trail we intercepted a herd of about 10 cows and a couple of spikes, and this giant bull! JP placed two shots in the boiler room and this bull ran down hill about 30 yards and nosed dived right into a down log and was wedged really good. This tested my butchering skills to the max as I did the gutless method from the top down, it was interesting to say the least, but it worked out! We named this bull "Double Whiskey", because of the two front tines that have a double drop at the end.
My boy is a beast in the mountains! In the pictures he is packing out a hind leg, loins, and the big bull elk head back to the truck. He enjoyed every minute of it! These pictures are so special to me every time I look at them because I am so proud of the legacy I am leaving with my son to continue on the tradition taught to me by my Godfather."

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