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"The Landon's Anchor Sweet Bulls"
Photo provided by: Brady Landon

Brady Landon writes, "The first picture is of my wife and her first bull. We had spotted the herd a few days before the hunt and waited until opening morning. We saw several bulls that morning, however most were just too far to get a shot at. We had hiked in a couple miles starting before sunrise. We saw many elk and it took several attempts to get to where we finally could get within shooting range. Once we were in range she got her shooting sticks ready and I ranged the bull. She made a great shot at 350 yards with her .270 Win. She amazes me at how good of a shot she is. She can manage to stay calm, especially when I get way to excited and she has to calm me down. Great hunt and very rewarding to see her enjoy the success of harvesting her first bull.

The second photo is of the bull I was lucky enough to harvest. He is not going to break any record books with score, but is definitely a trophy of a lifetime! I have been lucky enough to harvest a 350" bull a few years ago and have seen thousands of elk, yet I have never seen one with quite as much character as him. I spotted this bull the day before the hunt opened and knew he was the one I wanted to hunt. I saw him opening morning, but unfortunately was not able to get a shot as he got bumped by other hunters. I then lost track of him for a week until I turned him up a mile and half away. I had to hike in several miles to get into position. I shot him at 590 yards with my 7mm. I was beyond stoked to walk up on such an animal. It was a hunt I will never forget and truly my favorite animal I have harvested to date."

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